“UnfinishedBusiness” everyone has with the ones surrounding their life. Everybody in this world –

– has something to be happy about,
– has something to be mad at,
– has something to get sad for,
– has something to regret,
– has something to accomplish.
or will have!

Each individual in this world will live or has lived the moments I am going through now…

This blog is just an attempt to throw all the feelings on internet to load down my heart and mind! The words were only been able to construct because of such feelings that were never expressed on the face of the concerned. This is the UnfinishedBusiness…with the People who Matter!

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  1. Hi vivek ,

    My name is Neha Saxena and I recently read your blog and it’s Sound Good. Also, I noticed you are capable to aware the people for Traffic System. So, minimize negelecting the traffic rules or breaking them everyday.

    Few day back a good app are launch by government name called “e challan surat city”. Our government, are providing such a good concept to help public as well as prevent or break traffic problem and now it’s move to ahemdabad city and launch new app named ” e Challan Ahmedabad City “.

    so, requested to you aware people for e challan traffic system because you have ability to make Digital India.

    Thank you.

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      1. Reminiscing memories is what a dreamer like me is always practicing… thanks for the words , I m jyotsna:) hi , keep writing , ur words and writing is a treat to eyes 👀

        Liked by 1 person

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